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Christine Reyes


Christine Reyes lives in Laredo, Texas, with her husband and two children. She works in local government and has a passion for serving others. Reyes joined Texas Partners in Policymaking to gain knowledge to help lead and guide city leaders, community support groups, and families to resources. “This program will allow me to apply active listening for families that want to be heard and help apply ideas and solutions for a better tomorrow for individuals with developmental disabilities,” said Reyes. In the future, Reyes hopes to facilitate changes and improvements toward her city implementing inclusion in programs, recreation, and health services.

Project Title

Multi-Sensory Room Project 

Project Description

The goal of this project is to collaborate with local government departments and stakeholders to help create a multi-sensory room in a recreation center for inclusive programming and activities for families with children and young adults with disabilities. This project was created to be a “demo” of what a multi-sensory room is, its benefits, potential programming, and activities. The programming and activities include caregiver, sibling, and transitional workshops, as well as recreational therapy activities.  

The initial demo for a multi-sensory room was a success. Reyes is now expanding the project to create four additional multi-sensory rooms in Laredo public spaces.