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Alumni Program Board

The Partners Alumni Program board provides a formal structure to support ongoing leadership development, connection opportunities, and advocacy action with Texas Partners in Policymaking graduates by providing participants with programming to grow their skills and networks.

Mary Mecham

Mary Mecham
President, Class of 2022
Mary has been a disability advocate and speaker since 2013. She is a published young adult author, founder and director of Disability Book Week, and president of the nonprofit Advocates for Disability Inclusion in Literature.

Maribel Pina Leos 2021 Texas Partners in Policymaking Graduate

Maribel Leos
President-elect, Class of 2021
Maribel is the mother of two sons and wife to her high school sweetheart. Maribel firmly believes that everyone should have equal access to opportunities and is committed to making this a reality for Texans with disabilities.

Catherine Harwood

Kate Harwood
Continuing Education Committee Co-Chair, Class of 2022
Catherine “Kate” Harwood looks forward to becoming a social work PhD student in the Fall. As a self-advocate living with a physical disability, Kate finds meaning in using her experiences to help others.

Marissa Mahon Profile Picture

Marissa Mahon
Continuing Education Committee Co-Chair, Class of 2022
Marissa Mahon is a self-advocate and the mother of two boys with disabilities. Marissa has successfully fought discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regarding monocular vision, among other advocacy wins.

Kristen Gooch, Texas Partners Graduate class of 2023

Kristen Gooch
Continuing Education Committee Member, Class of 2023
Kristen Gooch is an Actress, Poet and Advocate from Austin with Cerebral Palsy and uses a wheelchair for mobility. She currently facilitates a peer support group called Adapting Sheros for women with mobility disabilities.

Jennifer Garcia

Jennifer Garcia
Public Policy Committee Co-Chair, Class of 2022
Jennifer Gracia is an award-winning community advocate. Her dedication to public service has helped to bring accessibility, awareness, and connection to marginalized communities throughout South Texas.