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Kathryn Doty

Fort Worth

Kathryn Doty is the president of United Advocates, an advocacy and friendship group that was formed over 40 years ago. As president, she also serves as a representative on the Texas Advocates board. Doty is passionate about all disability advocacy issues but is especially interested in abuse survival and prevention. “I have two main goals,” says Doty, “One, to get people out of the house and feeling like part of the community; and two, to get the people in charge to understand why is matters so much to get people out of the house and into the community.” Doty hopes that by understanding inclusion, leaders in Texas will make people with disabilities a priority in all of their decisions.

Project Title

Living Advocacy

Project Description

For her capstone project, Kathyn Doty shared the impact and importance of self-advocacy through her presentation: Living Advocacy. This presentation tells Doty’s experience through self-advocacy, finding her community, and why disability advocacy is vital in all areas of our communities. Doty also shares information about United Advocates, a self-advocacy group that was formed over 40 years ago. With this information, Doty hopes to encourage others to engage in disability advocacy work and have the chance to grow.