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David DeAnda


David DeAnda is the chief legal officer of the Associated Credit Union in League City, Texas. He currently lives in Houston, Texas, with his wife and two daughters. DeAnda serves as a board member and chair of the Adult Services Committee of Avondale House, a not-for-profit agency that provides services to individuals with autism. “I am concerned with the confusion and obstacles faced when a child with disabilities transitions to adulthood,” says DeAnda. “A goal from this program would be to gain the skills needed to better advocate for my daughter and others in this area.”

Project Title

Survival Guide for Siblings of People with Disabilities

Project Description

The primary goal of the Sibling Survival Guide is to help siblings of people with disabilities. The guide will provide a roadmap for siblings to address issues related to their sibling before and after the death of their parents or guardians. This guide is meant to address an information gap that exists regarding the care of siblings with disabilities. Information is currently not easy to understand or access —  the Sibling Survival Guide will provide a go-to resource for families.