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Kate Chapple


Kate Chapple is a self-advocate who lives and works in Austin, Texas. Chapple has worked for several non-profits, the Austin Independent School District’s assistive technology team, and as a consultant for a communication device company. She currently works for Imagine Art’s Training 4 Transformation program as a peer support specialist. Chapple also founded the peer support group Channels 4 Self-Advocacy, which provides guidance, suggestions, and resources for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Chapple joined Texas Partners in Policymaking to, “become more knowledgeable about the policies that empower and support people with disabilities.”

Project Title

Increasing Marriage Rates for People with Developmental Disabilities

Project Description

Many people with developmental disabilities (DD) want to be married but are staying legally single to protect their Medicaid benefits. In order to increase the marriage rates for people who have DD, a special needs attorney will present the changes in policies for people with DD to become legally married and earn a middle family class income while maintaining their Medicaid benefits.  Once the presentation is developed and finalized,  it will be recorded and accessible for people with DD to view. Chapple plans to advocate for the presentation to become a part of the Texas Partners in Policymaking curriculum to address uncertainties people with DD face when becoming legally married.