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Kathryn A. Broadwater


Throughout her life, Kathyrn A. Broadwater has advocated for herself and her education. After receiving an Associate degree in paralegal studies, Broadwater has worked for a law firm with the Coalition for Texans with Disabilities. “As a self-advocate with cerebral palsy, I want to advocate for myself and empower others to become self-advocates,” states Broadwater. “I hope to increase my understanding of best practices in independent living, Medicaid reform, and other topics concerning people with disabilities.” Broadwater currently serves on the Mayor’s Committee for Persons with Disabilities and the Project Connect Advisory Committee.

Project Title

DAISI Network

Project Description

DAISI Network is a centralized, dynamic, and interactive web-based mobile application. DAISI is an acronym for “diverse and inclusive service review of information network.”   ​

Utilizing network impact framework, DAISI Network is specially designed and created out of a need for a centralized and functional service review of information for families and individuals with disabilities. DAISI Network allows families and individuals with disabilities to search broadly for businesses such as schools, clinics, childcare, and restaurants to find and connect with local businesses that can support unique needs.  ​

Through network impact, the application elevates the voices of families and individuals with disabilities regarding services with the power of technology.