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Mary Mecham

Mary Mecham


Mary Mecham is passionate about advocating for her two daughters, who have rare genetic disorders. Mecham created a disorder-specific blog to provide a candid perspective on daily life, and it has been used worldwide as a resource of hope for parents who have received the same diagnosis for their children. “I often coach parents through the Individualized Education Program (IEP) process and empower them with the tools to become better advocates for their children,” says Mecham. “I work tirelessly to ensure my daughters receive the services and opportunities to maximize their success in their public and private classrooms by educating others, staying up-to-date on specific research and laws, fundraising, and generating awareness.”

Project Title

Disability Book Week

Project Description

Disability Book Week, held from April 23-29, is a time in which individuals all over the world are invited to become more inclusive with what they read. Community members are encouraged to read a book that either features a main character with a disability or is written by an author with a disability. The goal of Disability Book Week is to open a world of literary contributions to better understand and appreciate the disabled community.