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Rebekah Leigh Gillespie

Rebekah Gillespie


Rebekah Gillespie is a certified teacher for the state of Texas and an advocate for her daughter with disabilities. She is involved in advocacy groups such as the Texas Parent to Parent Mentor Program and helps parents in her community advocate for their children’s education. “I applied for Texas Partners in Policymaking because I want to expand my advocacy knowledge and be more involved in helping others advocate for themselves of family members with special needs,” says Gillespie.” I hope to gain a network of support and relationships with other advocates and organizations for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.”

Project Title

For This Child-Intentionally Educating Parents (I.E.P)

Project Description

For This Child-Intentionally Educating Parents (I.E.P.) was co-founded by Nilam Agrawal and Rebekah Gillespie to educate parents on Procedural Safeguards and Individualized Education Program (IEP) Processes in Special Education. The goal of the project is to connect with parents of children with disabilities and empower them with information, tools, and resources to be meaningful participants in their child’s education. In addition, they aim to be a hub for central information and available resources regarding IDEA, Procedural Safeguards, and IEP process.