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Soha Mohammed

Soha Mohammed


Soha Mohammed is a native Houstonian. Her background is in human resources and communications, and she currently works for a non-profit that supports disability advocacy. Mohammad joined Texas Partners in Policymaking to gain more knowledge, exposure, and awareness of what disability advocacy history looks like and to learn more about what programs are already in place. “Currently, I primarily work locally with individuals with disabilities,” said Mohammed. “I would hope to expand eventually and potentially work on the disability advocacy side internationally.”

Project Title

Diversity Works

Project Description

Diversity Works is a podcast that features self and community adovcates sharing insights, tips, and the journeys to success. Deciding on a career path can be challenging for people with disabilities. Factors like accessibility can play a major role in finalizing a career path. Mentorship can change a young adult’s perspective and help determine their future. Disability Works provides a platform where individuals with disabilities who successfully work in their respective fields share their experiences, lessons learned, and advice to help motivate all young adults pursue their career dreams.Hous