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Suzanne Wilson


Suzanne Wilson is a mother of three who is dedicated to creating more inclusive opportunities for her children and others. She has previously worked in youth ministry and international development. Now, Wilson is the member of the Special Education Parent, Working Group in her district. She has also recently joined the board of Ekisa, a Ugandan ministry that supports children with disabilities to thrive in their communities. “I want to be a better advocate and see some blind spots that I unknowingly have regarding disability,” said Wilson. “I would like to help our church be more welcoming to people and families affected by disability.”

Project Title

ABCs of Inclusion

Project Description

The majority of early childhood centers and preschool facilities in the Austin area are not equipped with the necessary resources or training of inclusive practices. They do not have the knowledge to work with children with disabilities. The purpose of this project is to educate early childhood educators and child development workers on the importance of including children with disabilities into their facilities.