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Carrie Mamantov


Carrie Mamantov has been a marketing and communications professional in the tech space for the past 18 years. Mamantov sits on two committees at Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth as a parent advisor, and previously sat on the Family Advisory Council for 6 years, including being co-chair and secretary. She is now starting her second year volunteering on the district’s specialized PTA for gifted students. A consultant, puzzle solver, team player and change agent, Carrie believes in applying a growth mindset to every aspect of her family’s life and works hard to raise two globally-minded, inclusive world citizens.

Project Title

Elevate Special Ed: A Podcast Short Series

Project Description

Mamantov’s short-series podcast, “Elevate Special Ed,” brings together voices of champions in special education to share insights, strategies, and lessons learned. The aim is to uncover what it takes for champions to create more inclusive, accessible learning environments by finding the data and personal stories that can influence accountability and transparency in special education services in Texas. Follow the podcast on Instagram @elevate.specialed to learn what’s new, and look for the podcast on Spotify or your platform of choice.

This project is a collaboration with Nicole Agado.