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Claudia Betancourt


Claudia Betancourt has a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. Betancourt worked in the Vitreous and Refrigeration industry before deciding to share her passion for engineering with youth as a science and math teacher in a high school setting. In 2018, she and her husband decided to move from Mexico to the U.S., finding Texas to be a great place to live and raise two amazing children. Now, she dedicates her time to being a full-time mom. Betancourt is determined to educate herself to become a better advocate for her child with Down syndrome, to allow her child and others to feel part of the community. Claudia loves being outdoors, camping, jogging, visiting the zoo, parks, libraries, and community events sharing lovely moments with her family.

Project Title

Proyecto Amor Agape

Project Description

Proyecto Amor Agape is an organization that will support Hispanic self-advocates, families, and primary caregivers of people with disabilities in navigating their migration to Texas. Through social media, the organization plans to share informative materials in Spanish, such as their Moving to Texas guide that will identify Texas-based resources, services, and programs from early childhood to adulthood.