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Jason Jones, Texas Partners Graduate class of 2023

Jason Jones


Jason Jones is originally from Detroit, Michigan and is the second oldest of five children. Jones was diagnosed with a rare condition known as retina blastoma, which is cancer of the eyes, at a young age. As a child, he did not let his disability stop him from achieving his endeavors. He was the first out of his parents and siblings to graduate from high school and college.

Jones holds a bachelors degree in Religious Studies and Music from Marygrove College in Detroit and a masters degree for Mental Health Counseling from Clark Atlanta University. He began working as an Advocate Outreach Specialist in April of 2017 at Houston Center for Independent Living where he still serves today. Some of his hobbies include reading, traveling, sports, and music. Jason’s faith in God keeps him rooted and he leans on his faith to overcome all obstacles.

Project Title

Leap Into Sight Newly Blind Support Group

Project Description

Through his capstone project, Jones learned about the importance of support groups making a difference for people with disabilities. For those who are visually impaired, being around other examples can help boost confidence letting them know that nothing is impossible due to a disability. Knowing the needs of people within the disability community is key to having strong relationships and achieving all endeavors.