Demetrice Smith


Dr. Demetrice Smith is a writer, entrepreneur, mentor, ordained Elder, and community activist with over 20 years of professional experience in developing leaders and equipping individuals toward strategic and destined growth and purpose. A skilled and credentialed teacher and master facilitator, Dr. Smith frequently develops customized corporate, small business, and individualized training programs and curricula and seminars on a wide range of topics. Her success as a special needs advocate and community liaison has helped thousands of individuals and families with an intellectual or developmental disability obtain opportunities for inclusion, engagement, and more fulfilling lives of independence and excellence.

Dr. Smith is a graduate of Texas Wesleyan University and holds bachelor’s Degrees in Political Science and Communications, a Master of Science Degree in Leadership, and a Doctorate of Business Administration from Walden University. She is an ordained minister by the State of Texas and holds a Master Coaching Certification from The Association for Talent Development.

As a personal and professional coach, Demetrice uses her talents and skills to empower others to develop and execute strategies for professional, personal, organizational, and purposeful goals. She is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Creeping Vines Online, a nonprofit 501c3 organization dedicated to brain health awareness and education.

Project Title 

You’re Included: Empowering Communities Through Awareness, Accessibility, and Accommodation

Project Description 

Create more accessible pathways for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities to frequent businesses, government and utility offices, recreational venues, and community or social settings. Starting with local grocery stores, Smith’s intention is to understand the current ways individuals are able to access items on shelves, in bins, and on racks in order to shop for themselves and provide for their daily living needs.  The purpose of the project is to challenge grocery stores to develop more compatible access and accommodations by providing specific recommendations for improvements. Participating grocery stores will be given a “You’re Included” window sticker that easily identifies them as a disability-compatible locati