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Denay Hooks


Denay Hooks was born and raised in Mason, TX and graduated from Texas State University. Hooks has been married to her husband Sam for over 15 years and together they have three children. When her daughter was 21 months, she was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome. Her daughter inspired her to write a children’s book series about Bug and Boo (characters modeled after two of her children) going on adventures together without limitations. Hooks’ goal in her advocacy through literature is to teach kids to ask questions, interact with everyone, dream big, and create a world that is inclusive to all. Her latest book, The Adventure of Bug and Boo – Giddy Up to Texas, was released in Fall 2022.

Project Title

A Guide to Help Educate Children About Inclusion

Project Description

Hooks created a teacher’s guide to educate younger children about inclusion. This guide accompanies a book that Hooks published, and it offers relevant and tangible ways to teach kids about building relationships with all members of their school. The guide also provides ideas for how children can create an inclusive community and promote it among their peers.