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Kimberly Sutton


Kimberly Sutton is an educator with a passion for supporting and advocating for equality in education and social resources. She is also the founder of Nottus, a non-profit created to help families and people with developmental disabilities achieve their potential for independence, productivity, and integration into their communities by developing a comprehensive system of local services and support. Sutton’s goal is to learn more about the policies outlined in Texas and how they connect to individuals in need at the local level. “I hope to expand my non-profit to serve the members of my local community better and expand to help individuals and families across the entire state of Texas,” said Sutton.

Project Title

High School Students in Need of Transitional Services

Project Description

Many students do not know the path forward once they leave high school. Post-high school transitional services are meant to help students with disabilities as they transition from high school into employment and post-secondary education opportunities. The number of families in need of support and resources also needs to be documented in a more systematic way. Through the non-profit Nottus, this project aims to create a local training academy for students who need young adult transitional services in Cypress, Texas. Sutton plans to bring her vision of systematic change to her local community.