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Catherine Harwood


Catherine Harwood is a recent social work graduate with experience working with and conducting research related to people with disabilities and chronic illnesses. She also has a strong knowledge of disabilities studies and systems that impact people with disabilities. Harwood is particularly passionate about advocacy topics including the transition from pediatric to adult healthcare, issues impacting adults with developmental disabilities, and employment incentives. Hardwood states, “I aspire to become involved in the passage of a law in an upcoming legislative session.”

Project Title

Phoenix Finding Voice

Project Description

Phoenix Finding Voice is a blog centered around medical decision making. This is a dream space to inspire, empower, and ultimately improve the quality of healthcare for people with developmental disabilities across their lifespans.The goal of Phoenix Finding Voice is for all individuals with developmental disabilities to receive high quality health care that enables them to reach their highest potentials. It is a space for collaboration between self-advocates, family members, healthcare providers, and policy makers alike.