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Jennifer Garcia

Jennifer Gracia

Corpus Christi

Jennifer Gracia lives in Corpus Christi. Her background is in public relations, social media management, and advertising. However, her work as a home-health care provider has led her to become more of an advocate for people with disabilities in her community. Her experience ranges from mobility options in rural and urban communities to providing support to people fighting for their resident housing rights. “My work is not sitting on a board,” says Gracia. “It comes from the compassion and empathy in my heart to help people when they are tired of fighting. I serve on a city committee for persons with disabilities, and there is so much of the story to be told. We must keep sharing truths.”

Project Title

The Closed Caption Project

Project Description

The goal the Closed Caption Project is to pass a city ordinance in Corpus Christi related to public accommodations and accessibility. The ordinance requires persons owning or managing a place of public accommodations to activate closed captioning on television receivers during regular business hours. The closed caption ordinance will benefit people who are hard of hearing and Deaf communities. Closed captioning can also benefit persons with sensory and learning disabilities, attention deficits, autism, English as a second language, and seniors to have better understanding in sound-sensitive areas.