Patrinia Baksmaty


Patrinia Baksmaty the founder of Kaleidoscope Collaborative Schools (KCS) and Kaleidoscope Collaborative Consulting, which support creating arts-magnet public elementary schools centered around inclusion. As a mother of three children, Baksmaty has immersed herself in all things autism, special education, and inclusion. The KCS inclusion framework couples universal design for learning with arts-based curricula to redesign inclusive learning practices as dynamic, uniquely collaborative play-based learning experiences.

Project Title

Neurodiversity Awareness Month

Project Description

Neurodiversity Awareness Month was created for use in public elementary schools to expand awareness of terminologies related to learning differences in young children. The goals of the project are to promote inclusive mindsets in elementary school children and staff; to build and maintain intellectual confidence in children with learning differences by eradicating social stigmas attached to neurodivergence; and to normalize learner variability in public elementary schools.