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Tracy Parks

Tracey Parks


Tracey Parks is a mother of three who has advocated for inclusion for years. After spending many years in Georgia with her family, Parks found that the move to Texas was difficult when navigating through available programs and services. She has previously served as the president of the Atlanta Down Syndrome Associations and the co-founder of an inclusive day care program. Now, she hopes to help create a program for adults with developmental disabilities (DD). “My goal is to see a program established in my town for adults with DD that is dignified and allows people to choose the work they do and be part of the community we live in,” stated Parks.

Project Title

Creating a Resource Page for the Hill County Community

Project Description

The goal of this project is to create a resource for people in the hill country who have a disability or have a family member with a disability. The resource is beginning as a Facebook page in hopes of gathering information such as programs, activities, jobs and social events that would be assessable and inclusive.  After having trouble finding resources for her own family in the Hill Country area, Parks aims to create a virtual one-stop-shop that provides information about all the disability resources and activities in the Hill Country.