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Molly Christina Saenz, Texas Partners Graduate class of 2023

Molly Saenz

El Paso

Molly Saenz is the administrative assistant for the Autism Society of El Paso, a Parent Leader at the PEN Project, and the mom of two amazing children on the autism spectrum. Saenz loves advocating and giving resources to parents, helping them become aware of their rights as parents of a child with a disability. She understands first-hand what parents are experiencing, what supports are needed, and what elements the community lacks. Saenz finds joy in seeing the look on parents’ faces when they are finally able to relax because they have the information they need to help their child. It is most important to Saenz to work hard in making a difference in this world and educating as many people as possible. She is a firm believer that when you’re given the knowledge and skills to help your child, you can make an impact in their life and others.

Project Title

Project Missing Piece

Project Description

Saenz is starting a non-profit that will be an affiliate to Project Lifesaver. The organization will allow families of elopers who go missing to be able to locate their family members in a more quick and effective way. This capstone project includes developing a database for parents of children with autism to register their child. The registration would include the person with autism’s name, address, a family contact’s phone number, fingerprints, and a photo for identification.